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Frequently Asked Questions

State of the art equipment to clean, sanitize, and maintain your trash bins

Getting Started

  • Why should I have my cans cleaned?
  • A dirty trash can contains harmful bacteria and viruses and attracts unwanted pests and insects. SaniCan eliminates these risks using a low volume, high pressure, 200 degree water spray. We also eliminate the foul odor that no one likes that is associated with a dirty trash can.
  • Why should I use a trash can cleaning service when I can just do it myself?
  • We know many of you love to DIY. But did you know that cleaning your can with chemicals and your water supply can be harmful to the environment and to your community? Cleaning yourself, you can use upwards of 20-25 gallons of water and all of the excess runoff can go directly into your ground water supply or down a storm drain that leads to our river systems. SaniCan's system can use as little as 2-3 gallons of water per cleaning and all waste water is self-contained within our machine and disposed of properly in water treatment facilities.
  • How can I sign up?
  • Visit our sign up page or give us a call at 912-756-1805. It's easy and incredibly affordable!

Billing Questions

  • What forms of payment does SaniCan accept?
  • We require a debit or credit card to be on file to obtain service. We are unable to accept cash or checks.
  • How much does your service cost?
  • See our sign-up page for our service options. Service is available for as low as $7.50 per can!
  • Can I sign someone else up for service?
  • Absolutely! Just fill out their information in the sign up form but provide your email for initial billing purposes. We can then adjust the email address for them for service reminders prior to the day of service.