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Commercial Trash Bin Services

Serving Greater Savannah and Surrounding Areas

Is the foul smell of your dumpster a cause for concern for customers and employees? The Low Country's love of seafood and other fried greatness partnered with our high heat and humidity, form a breeding ground for an unsanitary environment in your garbage cans. SaniCan will help promote a healthy, welcoming environment to anyone visiting your establishment.


SaniCan arrives at your business on the same day as your garbage pickup.
Our technicians remove any excess debris from your dumpster prior to beginning the cleaning process. Our vacuum recovery system is placed inside of your dumpster to prevent any foul runoff from leaking out around your premises. Your dumpster is then sprayed with low volume, high pressure, 200 degree hot water eliminating any gunk or buildup.
Your dumpster is then deodorized with one of our eco-friendly odor eliminators so that the next time a customer walks by, they'll be greeted with a pleasant aroma instead of that usual stench.
We promote a clean and healthy environment for you, your employees and your customers, allowing you to focus on what you do best- running a successful business.
Our system is Eco-Friendly and self-contained. No chemicals are used and all waste water and runoff is maintained in our machine. The waste water is then properly disposed of in water treatment facilities so that none of it ever reaches our ground water supply or river systems.